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Wednesday, 01 August 2001 14:31



Veljko Miljus Lost at Lake Michigan
Tragic End of a Great Humanitarian

CHICAGO – On July 21, cold waters of Lake Michigan near Chicago took Mr. Veljko Miljus, a man who felt all the suffering of the Serbian people, who understood the tragedy of the children left without father in the Serbian lands during the tragic wars of the 90s.
He was born in 1950, in Kordun, and after his father’s death moved to the USA with his mother. He earned the M.S. degree in Chemical Engineering at Purdue University, and, as an outstanding engineer, he was employed by the chemical giant “Union Carbide.”
With his wife, Angelina, he started a travel agency in 1979; by 1991 they had seven travel agencies in Chicago and vicinity.

The tragedy that befell the people and children of Krajina inspired Veljko to help them. In 1993, he started collecting donations to help children of fallen soldiers and other victims of war. He founded “Save Displaced Serbs,” the organization through which Serbs in diaspora, as well as Americans, donate $30 a month per child.
“Save Displaced Serbs” and Veljko had the support of every single president of Republika Srpska, every Minister for the Victims of War, as well as their regional representatives. During the past nine years “Save Displaced Serbs,” led by Mr. Miljus, forwarded almost 2.5 million dollars.
In this endevour, Mr. Miljus was assisted by the families Medic, Lunic, Nikolic, Seizovic, as well as Tihomir Jankovic, Jelena Ristic – Cintora, Zivka Spasojevic, Biljana J. Djelevic, and other people of good will.
With the loss of Mr. Miljus, the Serbian people lost a great humanitarian who will now turn into a legend. He is greatly missed by his wife Angelina, daughter Elizabeta, and son Aleksandar.

B.J.Dj – B.Z.


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