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Please see some of our activities in 2011:

• Young guy without hands got his pension 
• Srbs in California, humanity without limits 
• For healthier children’s hearts 
• Serbs from America bought tractor for Pera 
• Dollars arrived for used tractor

Serbs from America bought tractor for Pera

After writing by „Novosti“, Srbs from America fulfilled Pera Milosavljevic’s great wish. The money with which this brave boy’s wish was fulfilled was collected by Dule Obradović. Pera Milosavljević (17), smiling like the most beautiful day, sits behind the weel and turns the key. The machine, although much older than Pera, responds by even, good-humored buzzing, as they tumbled the ground for years on the crest of woody Jastrebac.
Three or four days ago, it arrived from tribal village Rataje into Velika Lomnica as a gift from Serbs from Los Angeles, participating “Spasimo Decu Srbije” organization. Miodrag-Mile Nikolic, born in Sabac, came to Velika Lomnica on 10th September and passed the greetings from his friend Dule Obradovic, who gained dollars and purchase of needed mechanization world-wide.

– I felt the great faith in people, a new kind of strength, a wish to maintain and succeed in ancestral hearthstone-says Pera delightedly .I am on a horse, says and goes on his tractor. The machine enters the garage under his command.
In the circle of goodness, bikers from Novi Sad gave 200 euro to Pera to repair the roof on the house. He shows his gratefulness to Mrs. Drenka from Belgrade who also delighted him by money package. His guardian, Bojan, is searching for good people these days who would drive metal door from Lapovo by empty car, for Pera’s home, and the door are gained by Milorad Mile Nikolic. The manager of Rubin hotel, Krusevac, Aleksandar Braga, would give furniture so his home won’t be empty anymore.
A boy, according to years, but an old man according to courage and persistence, decided not to give up, but to show how life can be miracle, thanks to the support of good people. There are cousins, The Milosavljevics family, uncle Dragan, his older son Bojan (the guardian of Pera), Boban junior, friends Igor Mitic, Zoran Stevancevic. They all congratulate to their young countryman and praise the human writings of “Novosti” journal. They share unhidden happiness with Pera.
– When Bojan suggested that you should report about my life story, I wasn’t shure if people should know about my troubles. I thought I should be quiet and wage until I finish school, and after that to buy some second-hand tractor by credit. Uncle Dragan, the father of Bojan, persuaded me, and he is also the brother of my dead father. He is a faithful reader of “Novosti” jurnal. He listed the names of many troubled people who gained help by your journal and changed their lives forever.

All people participated in seeking a tractor for sale. The conditions were that it must be well-working and according to the collected amount of dollars. After little bit of dickering, they managed to collect 30 euro more and make a dill with the seller. Pera said it was the greatest holyday of his whole life. Hi father passed away when he was 3. His mother was set to gerontology Center as very ill patient. Pera attends the 3rd year of High construction school in Krusevac, to become assembler. He believes he will be successful in this business. He will cultivate his little property and earn a little bit of money.

By Zorica Avramović
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